Tuesday, January 31, 2012

just checking in...

Sorry this space has been quiet for so long...my morning sickness has been getting the best of me each day. A few days ago was a good day sickness-wise and so I started this post (and yes, it took me a few days to finish it! Ha!)

I just wanted to update you all on what has been going on with our family this past month...

:: Danny got a job! At Evergreen Aviation, the place he was promised a job from the get-go. After waiting and calling and stopping by and praying that they would find a place for him there, he got an email two weeks ago saying sorry, there were just no openings for him. Danny was disappointed, but quickly started looking up jobs and trusting that God knew best. Well, two days later, Danny got a call from Evergreen and was told that the President there wanted to see Danny (Danny met with him while applying and interviewing). It turns out that the President liked Danny so much that they created a job for him: a mechanic helper. And he got started the very next day!

For now, Danny's job mostly consists of organizing all the parts and tools in the Mechanic department, running errands, and just doing whatever small jobs that need done. He's hoping to move up to doing more actual mechanic work soon, and after that who knows! It's a great company to be connected to being a pilot, so we are both excited to see what happens.

:: Danny is almost ready to take his Private Pilot flying test! He was hoping to take the test this past Saturday (the 27th), but since starting this job he hasn't been able to fly as much and he still has some flying to complete before he can take the test. Pray that on his days off he gets good weather so he can fly as much as he can! Once this Private Pilot is out of the way, Danny will immediately be working toward his commercial.

:: We put an offer in on a house here a few days ago. It's a 3-bedroom, 1-bath house that needs just a little TLC, nothing too major, just some cosmetic work and of course Danny's custom touches. We're really hoping to get it in that it would make our monthly payment almost half of what we are paying now to rent our current house. It's expensive to rent here. Plus it's so fun to have a home that's all your own...it will be nice to have that again! This house also has a big yard that will be so nice to have this summer for the kids! Our yard now is small and very close to the road, too close for a mom of a toddler to relax, anyway :-) We hope to find out if we get it this week!

:: My mom came here for a visit! We all loved having Grandma here :-) She really spoiled me in being such an amazing help with the kids while I was feeling sick and sleepy. While she was here, Danny and I got to go on a date!! Yay! We hadn't been on one since moving here (lacking a babysitter and all) and it was so. much. fun! We ate at this lovely, fancy restaurant called Thistle, walked around town, hung out at a coffee shop, then caught a late showing of Mission Impossible 4. It was such a blessing for us.

We had the theater to ourselves!

:: I got to hear our baby's heartbeat! I had my first midwife appointment 2 weeks ago. It was so reassuring to hear the baby's heartbeat, a wonderful sound to a mommy :-) We are so very, very thankful.

So, there ya go, you're all caught up :-) I'll be posting again soon!


Nelli said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope you start feeling better soon! I know how hard that is to be sick and take care of little kids. You'll start feeling good in no time... and you probably will better and have more energy than when you are not pregnant! I miss you guys so much! I wish I were in better touch, but it is so awesome to see your blog. It's an easy way for me and the kids to stay up to date with what you guys are doing. I am glad that you and Danny got to go on a date! Love you!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

It was so nice to visit with all of you. ((Loved my hugs)) Anxious to come back in a few months. I love you and miss you. ♥ Momma ♥

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

You are always in my thoughts and prayers and, my praise. Love you to the mountain goats! miss you all. My beautiful children! always mamamia. p.s. thankyou for bloggen. Amy-angel.

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