Saturday, November 30, 2013

blessings {a word in pictures}

Just * a few* blessings that I am so, so thankful for...

:: fun projects in homeschooling (featured: soft pastels and a sugar cookie map of Ancient Egypt)

:: the moments when siblings play together in peace (and sunshine)

:: preparing for Thanksgiving dinner

:: my silly family who make me smile and laugh every day, including:

:: ...and...

:: ...and also...

:: ...and of course we can't forget this little man.

:: being able to share our first Thanksgiving prepared in our own home with a very good friend

:: and I must not forget the FOOD...we broke tradition and grilled some lamb instead of roasting turkey. so. worth. it. 

Our Menu (with recipe links):

Corn Casserole (recipe from my sister-in-law)

Dessert: Pumpkin Pie courtesy of Sara Lee :-)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

outdoors {a word in pictures}

"Outdoors" is the perfect word for this month as summer has begun! Well, last month I got my very first iPhone (woohoo!) and so, to be honest, my Canon 30D has been sitting on the shelf while I use my phone for pictures. It's just so convenient! I love it!

Here are some ways we have been spending time outdoors...

Check out Jenn's blog to see her outdoor photos!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Alayna is 3!

We had such a fun day celebrating Alayna's birthday yesterday! She woke up to balloons and pink decorations (her favorite color) and was so excited to get to go with Daddy to the coffee shop before he went to work. She chose a yummy cinnamon roll there for breakfast. Later in the day we had a tea party at her request and I made some chocolate chip scones to go along with our "tea."

It was beautiful outside, so we took a short walk to look at the building near our house that got hit by a tornado a few days ago.  It was barely two blocks away, very crazy.

We then drove to a playground and played there for quite awhile.

Our friend Jared came over and after Danny arrived home from work we had a yummy dinner, opened presents, then had some pink (of course) cake and ice cream! We also let the kids stay up late and let Alayna choose a video to watch. She picked Blue's Clues so we watched the birthday episode and she just loved it.

It was a simple, relaxed, but full, day.  Perfect.

Happy Birthday Alayna! You are so special to us!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Caedon is 6!

Yesterday was Caedon's sixth birthday. Wow. Where has the time gone?! It's hard to believe that six years ago I became a mommy. Caedon's arrival changed my life forever and for the best. What a precious gift he is!

We try to make birthdays a big deal here at our house. The birthday boy got to choose the cake, the food, and the events (within reason, ha!) for the day. He woke up to balloons in his bed (can't go wrong with tons of balloons!) and then ate his favorite breakfast: baked oatmeal. He then wanted to play a bit of Mario Galaxy 2, which was a gift from Grandma Webber. We let Caedon open his presents randomly through the day to make it last longer, which of course really didn't last that long since he just couldn't wait to open them.

Here he has a new shirt on from Grandma Webber. You'll see why he had to change...

Normally, we would try to all go out together to do something fun, or at least one of us take Caedon somewhere. Last year, Danny took Caedon to a local indoor waterpark. However, this year we wanted to try to save some money so we decided to have fun here at home. It was rainy and windy, which was alright since Caedon wanted to use his new water gun to have a water fight with Dad. It went from water guns to the hose to the sprinkler on the trampoline. Needless to say, they were both completely soaked (and happy!) when it was done.

Before the fight. I wish I had taken an after picture!

The remainder of the day was spent talking on the phone with family back home, playing more video games, relaxing, and then getting ready for our big meal in the evening. We grilled burgers and hot dogs, had Caedon's favorite fruit (watermelon), corn on the cob, and of course a blue (inside and out!) cake made by yours truly.

Happy Birthday Caedon! We love you so much!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

moments {a word in pictures} PLUS a short kiddo update

Just some moments I want to remember, for it all passes so quickly...

Head over to Jenn's blog to see the moments that are special to her!


Boone Kids {April}

I really meant to post an update on the kids 2 weeks ago, I really did :-) However, it just never happened, but here's a condensed version:

Caedon has been counting by 5's and learning to tell time in school, which Caedon really enjoys. He finished his Bob Books and I just got another set from the library. With the end of the school year approaching, I've been pretty relaxed with school. I make sure we do math and reading everyday and handwriting every other. Between times we read books, bake together, play outside, and do simple crafts. There's a lot of real-life learning going on, which I think is the best. It's so much fun!

Alayna is just such a character. She's my girly-girl in that she loves princess dresses and having her nails painted, yet she loves digging in the dirt, helping with the garden, and wrestling with her big brother. She tries to keep up with him and the older kids at the park (and she does pretty well!). Lately she has been complimenting people a lot on their clothing. The other day she told our friend Jared, "Wow Jared! Cool shoes!" and yesterday at the park she told an older girl that her shirt was pretty. It makes me laugh :-)

Legend is 8 months old and still quite the charmer. He sits up and can scoot around on his belly (not quite crawling yet) and he has 2 upper teeth that are just ready to pop through. He is still so easygoing which is awesome since his siblings are constantly wanting to hold him, help feed him, and generally be in his face. He takes it all with ease :-)

Blessings, all around, for sure.


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