Monday, January 2, 2012

some slowing down, and some photos by Caedon!

I feel like lately I have been losing a little steam with my blog. My apologies! I really enjoy doing this blog. I want to continue it for a long time. I was trying to stay on a somewhat regular schedule, yet lately it has dwindled. Along with the usual busyness of Christmas, I found out some wonderful news:

I'm going to have a baby!

Though so thankful for the new life growing inside of me, these first weeks bring something a bit harder to be thankful for: morning sickness. Yucky, wipe-me-out morning sickness. For the first half of the day I feel (and get) sick, and the second half of the day I just want to nap. I have really been taking things slower these days. I really struggle with being motivated to do much during this early season of should see my house. Sheesh. These days I stay in pj's until noon. Sadly, taking pictures and planning blog posts are other things that have been neglected besides my house.

But I have not given up! I will post when I can, and hopefully keep the camera near by so it can get some action! So until then, I thought it would be fun to show you some pictures Caedon took at David's house at Christmas. He asked for the camera and traveled around the house with it. He took way more pictures than this, but many came out too blurry. These ones were my favorites. Enjoy seeing through the eyes of Caedon!

The vacuum and the piano

Wish this one wasn't blury!

Coat pile by the front door

Not sure what this is? Kinda looks cool :-)

Of course, we must end with the self-portrait! :-)


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Alayna is getting so big!

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