Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Caedon is 6!

Yesterday was Caedon's sixth birthday. Wow. Where has the time gone?! It's hard to believe that six years ago I became a mommy. Caedon's arrival changed my life forever and for the best. What a precious gift he is!

We try to make birthdays a big deal here at our house. The birthday boy got to choose the cake, the food, and the events (within reason, ha!) for the day. He woke up to balloons in his bed (can't go wrong with tons of balloons!) and then ate his favorite breakfast: baked oatmeal. He then wanted to play a bit of Mario Galaxy 2, which was a gift from Grandma Webber. We let Caedon open his presents randomly through the day to make it last longer, which of course really didn't last that long since he just couldn't wait to open them.

Here he has a new shirt on from Grandma Webber. You'll see why he had to change...

Normally, we would try to all go out together to do something fun, or at least one of us take Caedon somewhere. Last year, Danny took Caedon to a local indoor waterpark. However, this year we wanted to try to save some money so we decided to have fun here at home. It was rainy and windy, which was alright since Caedon wanted to use his new water gun to have a water fight with Dad. It went from water guns to the hose to the sprinkler on the trampoline. Needless to say, they were both completely soaked (and happy!) when it was done.

Before the fight. I wish I had taken an after picture!

The remainder of the day was spent talking on the phone with family back home, playing more video games, relaxing, and then getting ready for our big meal in the evening. We grilled burgers and hot dogs, had Caedon's favorite fruit (watermelon), corn on the cob, and of course a blue (inside and out!) cake made by yours truly.

Happy Birthday Caedon! We love you so much!!


Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Prescious! Happy birthday, Caedon! Six years go by quickly, don't they? Your cake looks cool, too. :-)

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