Tuesday, April 30, 2013

moments {a word in pictures} PLUS a short kiddo update

Just some moments I want to remember, for it all passes so quickly...

Head over to Jenn's blog to see the moments that are special to her!


Boone Kids {April}

I really meant to post an update on the kids 2 weeks ago, I really did :-) However, it just never happened, but here's a condensed version:

Caedon has been counting by 5's and learning to tell time in school, which Caedon really enjoys. He finished his Bob Books and I just got another set from the library. With the end of the school year approaching, I've been pretty relaxed with school. I make sure we do math and reading everyday and handwriting every other. Between times we read books, bake together, play outside, and do simple crafts. There's a lot of real-life learning going on, which I think is the best. It's so much fun!

Alayna is just such a character. She's my girly-girl in that she loves princess dresses and having her nails painted, yet she loves digging in the dirt, helping with the garden, and wrestling with her big brother. She tries to keep up with him and the older kids at the park (and she does pretty well!). Lately she has been complimenting people a lot on their clothing. The other day she told our friend Jared, "Wow Jared! Cool shoes!" and yesterday at the park she told an older girl that her shirt was pretty. It makes me laugh :-)

Legend is 8 months old and still quite the charmer. He sits up and can scoot around on his belly (not quite crawling yet) and he has 2 upper teeth that are just ready to pop through. He is still so easygoing which is awesome since his siblings are constantly wanting to hold him, help feed him, and generally be in his face. He takes it all with ease :-)

Blessings, all around, for sure.


doddyj said... Best Blogger Tips

Great pictures - love the emotion expressed and the stories they tell. Out of curiosity, do you homeschool your son? I read through your update (lol, even though I know that wasn't technically meant for me), and I was curious to know if you did. I'm on the line over homeschooling my daughter this next year (she's 5) and wondered if you had any advice/help to give this lost mom...my email address is doddyj@gmail.com if so. Thanks. :)

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