Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the boone kids {march}

Caedon took this photo while on the trampoline. I like it!
I recently signed Caedon up for a (free!) Phys Ed class for homeschoolers. It's held at the local college here and we look forward to going every Thursday! He is making friends in the class and they play a lot of fun games and get to burn a lot of energy :-) It's been a great way for me to also meet some other homeschooling moms.

Last month we also got an aquarium! It was a gift from my grandparents (Thanks GG and Great Grampy!) for the kids. We started with seven fish and sadly are down to three. BUT last week we found a baby fish in the tank! Little did we know that one of the fish in there was pregnant! The little guy is so cute!
Come here, Alpaca! Don't be shy!

A few weeks ago our MOPS group had a play date at a local alpaca farm. It was rainy so we had to stay in the barn, but the kids loved it. Alayna especially seemed to be in her element.  She had no fear of the huge alpacas and loved feeding them. I think sometimes she was making the alpaca nervous in that she kept coming at it to pet it or feed it, ha!

Alayna also has been doing amazing on the potty! She hasn't had an accident in so long, and consistently tells me when she has to go. She also has been dry at nap time which is a big step. I'm so proud of her! 

We've had some great weather this month so we've been doing some outside work. We plan on having a garden this year and for once I'm planning ahead and we're starting some seeds indoors! I surprised the kids with some new gardening gloves and tools (Dora for Alayna and Cars for Caedon) and they had a blast helping plant the seeds. They were a huge help!

Legend is now 7 months old! Whoa! He is almost sitting up and rolls all over the living room floor. He started eating some solid food a few weeks ago and so far eats sweet potatoes and avocados. He loves it! 

In other news...Danny has started flight instruction! Yay! He has one student now, and I'm sure will get more once summer arrives and the weather is more stable. He is loving it.  It's amazing to me how Danny has arrived at his next goal in his new career. With the teaching he will be doing he will be able to steadily build flight hours until he has enough to be hired to do the "big jobs" in flight.  I'm so proud of how far he's come in such a short time and how God has orchestrated it all.


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