Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the boone kids {february}

Brothers hangin' out

Caedon lost another tooth last week, making it a grand total of four teeth that he has lost this past year. I seriously can't believe how big he is getting! I love his "new" smile! These gap-toothed grins are such a fun part of mothering this stage of childhood.

Caedon has been learning a lot in school this past month. We are counting by two's, memorizing addition facts up to 10, learning about the seven continents, continuing to read our Bob Books, watching how the shadows change through the day, reading and drawing the story of Moses, reading lots of library books about whatever he is interested in, and so on. Caedon has also been on a storytelling kick, making up stories about Mario that he loves to tell to Daddy at bedtime.

After big brother's lost-a-tooth photo shoot, Alayna wanted in on the action and showed me her teeth!
Alayna has really been into reading books (yay!) and is always grabbing them from her book shelf to hand to mommy or grandma to read to her. She also enjoys being mommy's little kitchen helper. Whenever I am busy at the stove or counter preparing meals, she always asks to sit on the counter and help me. She has always been such a helper and loves helping to clean and fold laundry. She is such a sweetheart!

She loves playing dress up, so I always find her walking around the house in glasses and various hats and outfits. She loves dressing up as a princess!
Waiting for the plane to take off!
Meeting cousin Hunter! They're totally best friends :)
Legend just turned 6 months old and has had quite an exciting past month. Legend and I flew to Ohio earlier this month, just the two of us, and he did amazing on the flights! He had a busy week there meeting family and friends for the first time, including his cousin Hunter who is only a week older than him. It was such a fun time to introduce him to so many people who love him!


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