Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter happenings

We made some Resurrection Rolls and them some Resurrection Cookies the night before Easter. The cookies ended up flopping, and I didn't get any pictures. Oh well, the process was still fun!

We also used Kool-Aid to dye some eggs. Smelled good and was really fun!

Finding some Easter surprises!

Easter being four days ago, it's obvious this post is a tad late :-) But it has been a busy week: we officially closed on our house and got the keys! The very evening we got them Danny started demolishing the kitchen (we are putting in new cabinets and flooring, knocking out part of a wall, lots of good stuff). He has his work cut out for him...along with getting the kitchen up to par, he is going to replace the roof this weekend.

And we have to be totally moved in by May 1st (!).

Thus begins another "adventure" of trusting God and working hard and being patient while living in a home that most likely won't be totally "done" for awhile. When first facing it all, I admit that it was overwhelming. I'm pregnant. I have two energetic children and no one yet to help watch them as I pack. I really miss being surrounded by our friends and family in Ohio who made these kinds of situations so easy. Knowing how much Danny needs to do and that he is doing most of it by himself (though there is a friend from flight school helping with the roof this weekend, thank you Lord!), trying to work out the timeline of finished projects boggles my mind at times. Amidst all this Danny is working full-time and is squeezing in flight school as he can. Of course, Danny isn't stressed at all :-) He's optimistic about what can be accomplished and still realizes that some things may just have to wait until after we are moved in. He knows it will all turn out fine (I can see why he's my husband. I so need him and he teaches me so much).

So I know there are a few crazy weeks ahead of me (that frankly I just want to fast forward through) but of course there some wonderful things to look forward to! Tomorrow I'm going to a MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) meeting and hope to make some friends. On the 25th I will finally have my ultrasound. The weather has been really nice and I am getting excited for having a backyard this spring and summer.

Thankfulness has a way of making things seem brighter, does it not?

Soon to come: Before pictures of our house!


Dawn Kropp said... Best Blogger Tips

Love all the pix! Thanks for sharing :) Many prayers for all the new adventures... Lotsa love your way!

Sia said... Best Blogger Tips

I like all your toys Caedon. I sent you a picture. I love you too. I love all your candy. Love, Sia.

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