Thursday, December 8, 2011

snapshots {my kids}

snapshots :: few words, mostly photos

The garbage man gave him a mini recycling bin!

Whenever Alayna sees Caedon reading a book, she grabs one and sits to read, also! 

Caedon was trying really hard to sneak up on and catch a bird!

A common Alayna face

Just some random photos since arriving here...I love my children so much. Their playful antics, sweet smiles, and big hearts are so precious.

Gifts, indeed.


Jody said... Best Blogger Tips

They are so stinking cute, I miss them so much! For some reason I almost cried when you said the garbage man gave Caedon that mini recycling bin, lol. That's so nice!

Lois said... Best Blogger Tips

I love seeing pictures of them... I LOVE and MISS them so much. Anxious to come visit and give them hugs and kisses SOON : ) XOXOX ♥ Momma ♥

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, This makes me cry. I love you all. Dont worry, I mean cry like in these 8 or 9 unexpected slo tears. first the right eye, then the left,.blink, uh oh there falls 4 more. The pics are just so beautuful. Mamamia

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