Thursday, November 17, 2011

snapshots {our home: outside}

snapshots :: few words, mostly photos

I love our new house. Features: 2 bedrooms, one bath, no basement, laundry room, fireplace, attached garage (first time having one since being married!), tiny but pretty yard. The location is ideal as it's close to downtown and the main road. The house itself is small but it's perfect for us. It definitely makes us not obtain a lot of "stuff" (which works out great since we didn't bring a lot of stuff with us anyway!). I'm all about not having tons of "stuff." It just clutters your life and requires more effort to take care of and I like it just simple.

Simplicity leaves room in your life for more important things. I'm all for that.

Inside pictures coming soon!


Dawn said... Best Blogger Tips

Your yard has lots of garden! Your pictures were pretty! I am glad that you enjoy it! :)

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Dawn! It's so fun coming to a house where the garden is already there...less work for me! :-)

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